Along Strada Sagges front two important bulilding: Palazzo Sagges and Palazzo Simi seat of the Operation Center for Archeology in Bari. The former is a “residential house” going back to the second half of the XVI century. The palace features a sober facade with an elegant portal that acts as introduction to an airy lobby roofed by underpitch vaults with brackets in the shape of masks and having a stone stairway. The building wing, looking on Largo Maurelli, displays a refined balcony with brackets bearing masks. Besides its pleasing facade there are earlier-existing mediaeval architectural features on its interior: a house “orreta” (with several floors) and a house tower partly incorporated into the late-sixteenth-century building, identified in XVIII-century documents as “the house called ‘of the Tower”. Even starting from the middle of the XVII century the “residential house” was the property of lords Martinez, Spanish nobles of Valencia. In 1701 it was purchased for 2.300 ducats by don Pietro Sagges, originally from the city of Salins in Burgundy; and royal treasurer of the “Universitas” (University) of Bari. In the XIX century, with the decline of the family’s economic solidity, the property was gradually sold off, until, 1927, the last descendent sold what remained of the building , “by now wholly deteriored, good only to be razed and rebuilt”. During the ‘80s of the XX century the Public Works commission started off the recovery works that would once make the two palaces Sagges and Simi, functional. They now old state cultural institutes.